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Animal Behaviour Sleeves for Dogs

Large Animal Behaviour Sleeve

Reflective & reversible sleeve for a lead with a selection of changeable slides.

Each pack includes 2 X ‘Ask before stroking’, ‘Being trained’, ‘Caution’, ‘Rescue Dog’, ‘Please do not stroke’, ‘give me room’ and a blank slide.






Camera Accessories

Ultra Strong Rotating Clasp (suitable for Gizapaw’s Camera Gilet)

Ultra Strong Grip Clasp that rotates to any angle. Compatible with our Gizcam, and most sports action cameras (including Go Pro’s). Clip is ultra strong and can grip onto any garment. Useful for many pruposes including security, cycling, equine and more.

£12.95 + delivery


Mobile Phone Chest Strap

Universal Chest/Body Strap Harness Mount Holder for Mobile Phones

Chest Harness comes with an adjustable phone holder – which can stretch up to 9 cm and is compatible with all mobile phones in the market including 7” phablets.

Package Includes:
1 x Chest Harness Mount
1 x Adjustment Base for Phone

* does not include phone or camera

£19.95 + delivery


HACK-CAM High Vis Garments

"Please Pass wide and slow" Sleeve (excluding camera)

Sleeve embroidered with "Please pass wide and slow".

£7.50 + delivery


"Smile You’re on Camera" Sleeve (excluding camera)

Sleeve embroidered with "Smile you’re on camera".

£7.50 + delivery


Tail Sleeve with Dummy Camera (choice of tail sleeve)

Your choice of tail sleeve with a dummy camera.

£14.95 + delivery

Choice of sleeve

"Smile You’re on Camera" Tabard (excluding camera)

Tabard embroidered with "Smile you’re on camera". Tabards conform to EN1150 British Standards.

S/M £19.95 + delivery
L/XL £19.95
+ delivery – sold out


"Please Pass Wide & Slow" Tabard (excluding camera)

Tabard embroidered with "Please pass wide and slow – Thank You". Tabards conform to EN1150 British Standards.

S/M £19.95 + delivery
L/XL £19.95
+ delivery


Stirrup Bands (Pair)

High Vis weather proof Bands that wrap around the Stirrups, providing extra visibility.

£2.39 + delivery


Rein Sleeves (Pair)

Pair of High Vis Rein sleeves, providing extra visibility.

£4.98 + delivery


Leg Wraps (Pair)

Pair of High Vis Leg Wraps that go around the lower front legs of your horse providing extra visibility.
Buy two pairs to wrap around the rear legs as well.

£5.00 for one pair + delivery
Or £10.00 for two pairs
+ delivery


Helmet Band

High Vis Helmet Band features strong high vis elastic, allowing it to fit securely around all helmets.

£5.00 + delivery


HackCAM Pony Veil

Pony Veil – providing extra visibility

£8.00 + delivery


hackCAM Arm Band

Arm Bands – providing extra visibility (One Size Fits all)

£6.00 + delivery


Camera Gilet

HackCAM Camera Gilet

HackCam’s Award Winning Camera Gilet is a high quality padded garment with detachable shoulders pads, changable wording on the back and features the glow-in-the dark UGlow tape. A great alternative to mounting your camera on your helmet. The cameras remain stable when mounted to this garment.
One size fits all – fully adjustable from size 10-18. Conforms to EN1150.

Comes with all 7 changable Text pads.

Gizapaw’s angled camera bracket is available seperatley in the camera accsessory tab above.

£59.95 + delivery



For international purchases, please contact sales@gizapaw.co.uk stating your
required quanitity & country, and we shall send you an invoice including international postage.

These designs are subject to US and EU design registration applications.